We have created a new program designed for our community annually gathering to learn, connect, share, and spread the message of love and respect through an ancient African philosophy “Ubuntu”; I am because you are.

Stay Tuned for more details…

A Virtual Community Gathering

save the dates.

With everything that is currently happening in the world in this peculiar time; our work is more important now than ever to remind us that we need each other.

Let’s gather back together as the African Dream community to celebrate our true essence of humanity in love, respect, honesty, and service.

Join us this Friday at 5:00 PM CAT on Google meet to circle up with the village.
Click the link to join: Link: https://meet.google.com/tdg-tzqx-ncg´╗┐

In love together we rise. In the community together we stay. In honesty, we grow. Authentically we impact. We are the African Dream Movement.