Rwanda Global Youth Peace Summit officially cancelled

To all our stakeholders, our young people, friends of the African Dream Movement, and friends of our friends, it is with deep regret that we officially announce that the Africa Global Youth Peace Summit is officially cancelled. The summit that was meant to take place in Rwanda this April is indefinitely cancelled. 

The African Dream Movement will no longer be hosting the Africa Global Youth Peace Summit any further. This decision was not taken lightly and it involved a lot of thoughts, a lot of consideration, and a lot of sacrificing. The Global Youth Peace Summit is what our organization is based on, and this is the model that the African Dream Movement is rooted on. Due to that, we are sad to have to let it go.

We understand that this announcement will come with so many questions, and we are available to answer any of your questions. We foresee many questions around what will happen to the applicants of the summit- we will therefore communicate this to everyone who was accepted to participate at the Rwanda Global Youth Peace Summit. 
Furthermore, we are updating our website with all the programs we offer as the African Dream Movement. We hope you find this announcement in good health. 

Kind regards,
The African Dream Movement team