About Us

The African Dream Movement was birthed in 2016 after the 1st Global Youth Peace Summit in partnership with Amala foundation. Out of passion of 3 young African leaders, who had just experienced what is possible when you unite young people like them from different countries and cultures; they decided to start their own organisation to fight stereotypes and bring all African countries together for peace and love. Since then, the organisation has been dedicated to uniting youth from diverse backgrounds; creating a safe space for young people to discover their unique voice and one’s true self in community in order to recognize that their dreams matter and are possible. Through events such as the Global Youth Peace Summit, Africa Emerge! Leadership Program and others, the African Dream Movement is committed to building leaders that are passionate about the healing of one’s self to fully create a space for the healing of others. Inspiring youth to return back to their communities as empowered leaders for change; creating circles of service throughout Africa and around the globe.

What Is the African Dream?

Our African Dream is that we see each other as one, while honoring our differences and embracing our unique and vibrant cultures. We hold the vision of empowering the next generation of leaders to break the cycle of ancestral wounds so that they can rise up for what is alive and true in them now.

African Dream Movement hosts many programs in different African countries, which unites youth from all walks of life for an experience dedicated to personal growth, community building, healing, leadership development and cultural exchanges. Bringing a diverse group of young leaders who come with a willing heart to find who they are, and explore more on their paths to bring out what they would love to receive the most. We have a network of more than 150 youth across Africa, and we currently operate in Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa. We also look to expand our work in all countries possible, especially communities where healing is most needed.

We are dedicated to create more spaces for authenticity, and invite many to be part of our movement. We always say “come as you are”, because we believe that your true authentic self is what is most needed in the world right now. We are a sustainable peace movement where cultural, religious and personal differences are respected and celebrated. Our humanity is used as the thread that unites us all.

We give young people the opportunity to experience themselves and the world through the eyes of equality, acceptance and compassion. We are a vehicle of healing, personal growth, connection and real change in the world.

Love, Respect, Honesty and Community are our values to One united Global Village.