Africa Emerge! Leadership Program

We are the leaders of today.

The leadership program is hosted throughout Universities, high schools and within villages with the aim of creating and awakening a generation and community of Leaders in society. The Program is where leaders who are passionate about the healing of one self in order to fully avail themselves to the call of struggle will be awakened.

At ADM, we believe that as a leader, you can only take people as far as you have went, and that our own personal struggle can be used as way to rise up in society and stand for the truth. The Leadership program will awaken leaders who will first lead their lives, before leading in society.

The Program aims to meet and answer the following needs in society:

1. What is true leadership?

Participants will get to have their voices heard, while learning to listen to other people. For you to rise up and lead others, you’ll need to be able to know when to lead from the back, and when to lead from the front. Participants will get to define what a leader is, while engaging in deep conversations of how to be leaders of society.

In our last program, the question was raised of what true leadership is, and this was the answer from the voices of 6 young people from 4 different countries: “True leadership is not believing in but also practicing equality and co-operating with a united society. True leaders know when to lead from the front, and when to lead from the back.”

2. Who can be a leader?

The aim of the program is enhancing the leadership skills of people who are already leaders in society, while working on awakening new leaders. Everyone is capable of being a leader. Leaders do not have to lead people, but we awaken leaders who will lead their own lives first, before leading their lives of the people.

This year’s program is a 6 days reflection of what a leader is. Participants attend with numerous expectations of what and how a leader should be like, and the program debunks all the stereotyping and unite young people to take a stand in their social lives, in their homes, communities and schools. Discussions and activities of the program are meant to teach young people how to be their true self, and reignite who their true self is.

We have learned from young people that leaders do not grow themselves only, but they listen deeply to struggle as it calls, for an opportunity to serve.

The first day focuses on the leader from within, where young people will return back to their hearts to find the leader in them. The first day is designed to allow young people to focus on their own struggle in life, their fears, their deepest hold-backs and what is stopping the leader in them. The second day is designed to help young people to understand that they have potential and what it takes to go on to the world to be leaders.

Together, we are igniting the new generation of leaders of today.

2019 Africa Emerge! Leadership program is going to Kenya in August. Stay tuned for updates.