Global Youth Peace Summit

2016 Global Youth Peace Summit- Kenya

The Global Youth Peace Summit is an original work of the Amala Foundation, founded by Vanessa Stone. The intention of the Summit is to unite young people from around the world and give them an opportunity to see that beyond our nationality, ethnicity, beliefs, past experiences and present circumstances, we are all human beings who essentially want the same things: acceptance, love, equality and peace. This fundamental understanding ignites empathy and compassion. The Summit inspires youth to turn this compassion into action by giving them the necessary tools and support to make an impact in their homes, their communities, their world, among their peers and, most importantly, within themselves.

The vision for the Kenya Summit emerged from the calling of one young girls heart; Naomi Mwangi. In 2012 Naomi traveled to Austin, TX from Kenya to take part in the Austin Global Youth Peace Summit. During this time she met people from around the world and for the first time in her life was given a space to process all that had happened in her life. Naomi and her family were victims of the 2008 post-election violence in Kenya and had lost everything; she was now living in an IDP refugee camp in Kenya with little hope for the future; that is until she was accepted to attend the Global Youth Peace Summit and immersed herself in the experience. Naomi returned to Kenya after the Summit with a dream to bring this work to her country. In 2016 that dream came true.

Bringing together youth from around the globe and diverse cultures throughout South Africa, the Global Youth Peace Summit is a sustainable peace movement where cultural, religious and personal differences are respected and celebrated and our humanity is acknowledged as the thread that unites us all. Youth are given the opportunity to experience themselves and their world through the eyes of equality, acceptance and compassion. The Summit is a vehicle for healing, personal growth, connection and real change in the world. It offers young people, sometimes for the first time in their lives, a direct experience of what it means to live in unity and peace.

The Summit challenges and inspires youth to honor differences, explore commonalities and create One Village united by values of love, respect, honesty, community and service. Activities and discussions provide the youth with tools for conflict-resolution, heart-centered communication, compassionate response, and peace-focused leadership. It is through this sharing that the youth create friendships that broaden their global awareness and ignite their innate capacity for compassion. The youth are encouraged to put their compassion into action and rise up in service to those who need it most. The Global Youth Peace Summit empowers youth: they return to their homes, schools, communities and countries as Leaders For Peace, planting the seeds for global healing and sustainable peace.

The Village

The past summits showed us what is possible when people from diverse ethnicities, tribes, religions and economic-backgrounds gather together with the common purpose to heal, unite and learn from one another. Due to the impact of the summits many youth in attendance have now started their own youth groups in their schools and communities and are spreading the message of peace throughout Africa due to the peace they have discovered within themselves.

The 4th Annual Global Youth Peace Summit will unite 55 young people from all walks of life in Rwanda, in December 07th-14th 2019.